Approach dating interfaith jewish man positive

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Approach dating interfaith jewish man positive

While waiting just outside the church’s sanctuary for the service to begin, a friend of mine in the choir leaned over and said, “So tell me, what’s a nice Jewish boy like you doing in a place like this? My mind turned to a woman in Gayle’s church, married to a Jew. Gayle in church I stood up and took a few steps from the bench, now a bit defiant. You’re the One who brought Orthodox Jews in my path, just at the time we were in the midst of adopting our son. That had been when the chasm had started to widen, when our hours of talking had gotten us far but not far enough, and we needed to find someone who might help us figure it all out. Ever since the rabbi had told me “it won’t work,” I had stayed away from his synagogue.

You’re the One who put the idea in Gayle’s mind that we’d raise our son Jewish even as she continued directing the music for a church. Rabbi Turtletaub met with each of us together, and then privately. Then one Shabbat morning, for some reason, I felt I wanted to go. And sitting among hundreds of people, the rabbi’s words seemed tailored just for me. But like pieces of a puzzle, everything started to come together.

Ok, so she was more than simply “not Jewish.” When we met, Gayle was quite the devout Christian, a full-time Christian in fact.

It didn’t matter that she was passionately committed to the church while I had a lukewarm relationship with Judaism. Gayle growing up on the farm I sat on a bench outside the synagogue, trying to collect my thoughts. And she was more than willing to raise our son Jewish. I had already been going to classes at Aish for a year, which happened to be just down the street from the synagogue whose rabbi had made things sound hopeless.

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“If Gayle were interested in converting, then you’d have a chance. Before we met, devout Christian that she was, she wasn’t planning on spending her life with a Jew. Gayle’s not quite the devout Christian she used to be.

How do you find that special someone when there are so many "someones"?

He meets with each couple and their families if they wish in order to craft the beautiful occasion that is a symbol of the love two people have for one another.

The essential elements of an interfaith-Jewish ceremony are inclusion and balance.

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