Aunty 4 dating dating scammers in nigeria

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Aunty 4 dating

On top of that, some categories come with coded language.For instance, out of the eight apps that asked for culturally identifying information, six named their categories “community,” “upbringing,” “background,” or even “flavor.” Within these categories, many apps mixed nationality, religious, caste, and linguistic identifiers in one.Matrimonial websites, such , helped trim biodata to a few basic categories for users to create an attractive online profile.Not surprisingly, an individual’s age, height, complexion, religion, ethnicity, education, and occupation are among the most common categories. I created profiles for a total of 10 apps, all marketed towards or largely used by South Asians.Finding Muslims who match not only her taste but also her level of piety has been daunting, she says.

dating apps apart from their mainstream counterparts. On average, each app offers nine or more questions or categories to choose from in their profile.I like to meet new people and get involved in new interesting projects. I am a forever student, I think that experience and positive emotions can be gained from anything and anywhere. I am sensitive and gentle, but I can be also protective. I am very open-minded, very global in perspective, non-judgmental, kind, honest, very faithful, loyal, and an all-around nice person.I love my family and my close people and I will do everything to protect them and myself. I can say that I always try to see good sides in any situation. I am tired of loneliness and I dream to create a family with a serious man. Read More » I am a self-sufficient woman, because everything in my life, I made it by myself! I am cheerful, active, kind, romantic, full of passion and sensible.Only one app requires no information beyond photo, location, and age.Topics range from physical characteristics (height and body type) and profession to relationship status (married, widowed, separated, annulled, and living with or without children) and lifestyle (drinking and smoking frequency).

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So Ana was thrilled to one day stumble upon Hipster, a new site catering to young Muslims “tired of all the ‘possibilities’ the aunties keep bringing up at every get-together,” according to its Facebook page.

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