Contributing factors to dating violence song about a white girl dating a black man

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Upon leaving school it is extremely difficult for Jamaican youths to find jobs so many of them turn to crime to sustain themselves.

Many young people who fail to get jobs, either because they were under qualified or there was just nowhere to accommodate them, turn to felonies such as robbery and drug sale (especially marijuana).

There are factors such as lack of jobs, lack of education, poverty, abuse or influence in homes, poor justice system and improper methods of dealing with conflict.

Anger is deeply set within those children … anger that is so deep and long-lasting that when that child reaches adulthood, the damage is already done.

It also includes a column for other family members or partners.

The rate of occurrence varies considerably based upon one's country, socio-economic class, culture, religion, family history and other factors.

This personal fragmentation leads to expressions of abuse and violence of various forms and ways and ultimately leads to break down of Family.

is no exception is that the family has become feeble and unable to respond adequately to its natural functions and roles.

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There are high unemployment rates among adult abused children.

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