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If the bottom is concave, it's either a Continental Can dating from 1937 to the late 1950s, (near the seam of your can is "Cap Sealed), or an American Can can dating from 1941 to the early 1950s (near the seam of your can is "Keglined" and patent numbers).For a guide on spotting the differences between Continental's and American's high profile cones, You have a Low Profile Cone Top.

However, as germ theory became more prevalent during the Victorian Era, it became unacceptable for the working poor to be dirty.

Most food was displayed and accessed at the local five-and-dimes in communal food barrels—grimy, germ-infested hands would not do.

These days, people of means tend to dismiss canned or “processed” food as something people without access to fresh food eat.

Posted by Independent Can on Jun 15, 2017Gift Purchasing is Like Speed Dating Does Your Packaging Stand Out?

Seconds matter when your product hits the shelves of a department store, a grocery chain or other retailer.

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Sales are running a little over the budget and there seems to be a momentum building.

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