Errors encountered validating document

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Errors encountered validating document

This page explains common error messages encountered by applicants while completing or submitting an application package.Many errors are a result of Adobe Software Compatibility issues.At any time, applicants may call or email the Support Center at 1-800-518-4726 or [email protected] assistance with resolving these issues.Adobe Compatibility Error Messages You received one of these error messages because your application package or form was opened, edited, submitted, or corrupted by using a version of Adobe Reader that is incompatible with During the EDGAR validation process, Disclosure Management checks the submission and alerts the filer if any errors or issues have been encountered based on the guidelines detailed in the EDGAR Filer Manuals (Volumes I - III).EDGAR classifies errors as a major error or warning.It does not and cannot validate your entries to determine if the support request is feasible, or if the support request is garbage text you have entered.

Each validation rules is a function which returns a visitor (see the language/visitor API).

However, be aware that no validation can be triggered for all changes below that level or when a used definition in a registry changes.

You could therefore trigger a validation and catch the exception: , etc.

Any and all edits made to an Adobe Reader application package or form must be made with a compatible version of Adobe Reader.

To resolve these issues, a new application package needs to be downloaded and completed using only a compatible version of the software.

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POLAR ICE provides validation utilities to ensure that you have answered all necessary questions, and that the data provided is as complete and accurate as possible.

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