Excel charts and updating data

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Excel charts and updating data

You can change the display of the chart elements by moving them to other locations in the chart, resizing them, or by changing the format. When you apply a predefined chart layout, a specific set of chart elements (such as titles, a legend, a data table, or data labels) are displayed in a specific arrangement in your chart.

You can also remove chart elements that you do not want to display. You can select from a variety of layouts that are provided for each chart type.

I have a series of charts in MS Excel that point to data on the same worksheet. Oddly, after a period of time (several minutes) has elapsed, the chart finally updates.

The data on the worksheet is calculated using a VBA function. I'm not sure if this is because I have been performing other activities that triggered the update or because Excel is triggering an update after several minutes.

You have entered the first two dates for April in Column A, which contains the field name Date in A1.

The corresponding temperature for each day will appear in Column B, which contains the field name Temperature in B1.

I have a think-cell chart linked to an Excel workbook and the Excel's calculation mode is set to manual.

Charts are used to display series of numeric data in a graphical format to make it easier to understand large quantities of data and the relationship between different series of data. When you create a chart or change an existing chart, you can select from a variety of chart types (such as a column chart or a pie chart) and their subtypes (such as a stacked column chart or a pie in 3-D chart). To modify a chart, you can: Instead of manually adding or changing chart elements or formatting the chart, you can quickly apply a predefined chart layout and chart style to your chart.

In addition to applying a predefined chart style, you can easily apply formatting to individual chart elements such as data markers, the chart area, the plot area, and the numbers and text in titles and labels to give your chart a custom, eye-catching look.

If you add a row or two of data to your spreadsheet, you can easily update the Excel chart pertaining to that data by changing the chart's data range.

If your company has a Microsoft Office Support contract and you want to contact Microsoft to ask for a fix, you may refer to Microsoft case number REG:112071832712407. Result: The linked embedded worksheet in Word updates in most cases when changing the cell content.

Only when you change a cell by copy pasting another cell, the embedded worksheet in Word does not update.

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When you apply a predefined chart style, the chart is formatted based on the document theme that you have applied, so that your chart matches your organization's or your own theme colors (a set of colors), theme fonts (a set of heading and body text fonts), and theme effects (a set of lines and fill effects).

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