Httsexy red

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Httsexy red

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The work started as a small studio-based project, but evolved into something much bigger after a funding boost which helped secure a Hollywood star."I put my wish list together, I thought who would be the ultimate actor for the role of mother and it was you know of course a no-brainer — Cate Blanchett has immense power in so many ways," Ms Barton says."With someone like Cate Blanchett I was really actually determined to under-direct her.

Ms Barton said she wanted the film to be "an intensely visceral experience with a lot of intense emotionality that on one level has that core narrative, but can move and shake and be open to interpretation."Three years in the making, the 15-minute film intercuts human protagonists with close-up footage of the redback mating and then savaging its prey.Here, our ultimate bra collection, filled with fuss-free foundations and real-feel fits.From sexy lace to super soft cotton, meet your most seamless match with essentials curated for every measurement, every mood.She is venomous, eats her mate after sex and is the epitome of female power — she is the Australian redback spider.RED, a surreal, savage tale of female power, is the creation of Archibald Prize winner and now filmmaker Del Kathryn Barton.

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Charlotte Rampling looks to be a standout as an emotionally remote spy chief who takes a special interest in Lawrence.