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Indeed, falcons – as well as wolves, wild boar, moose and some species not seen in these environs for decades – are thriving in the forests and villages around Chernobyl.

One particular falcon, however, has not fared so well.

The religion has a long history in Ukraine dating back to the establishment of the Crimean Khanate in the 15th century.

Sunni Islam of the Hanafi school is the largest non-Christian religion in Ukraine, and the majority of Ukrainian Muslims are Crimean Tatars.

Why prefer a woman from Russia and Ukraine and not a woman in Africa or Asia? The mentality of one of Africa or Asia is quite different. It’d true that ther’re beautiful women are African or Asian.

But it is still incomparable with Russian and Ukrainian women‘s beauty. The idea that the work in the countryside requires no education is incorrect.

Muslim settlements are concentrated in the country's southern half, particularly in Crimea, although there are Lipka Tatars colonies in other regions such as Volhynia and Podolia.

The history of Islam in Ukraine is associated with the Crimean Tatars, the Turkic speaking descendants of Turkic and non-Turkic peoples who had settled in Eastern Europe as early as the 7th century.

No strong emotions, just a fear of losing luggage (which has happened to me twice so far) and a wish to squeeze a 20 hour flight across 7 time zones into 2 short hours.I even made a list to make sure that everyone would get a gift, at least a small thing (which I had to revise pretty significantly when I remembered the weight restriction on luggage – 50lb for a checked bag and 15lb for a carry-on).But contrary to all my expectations, when the time came to travel home, I didn’t feel the overwhelming excitement I thought I would.I thought I would count down minutes for a car to get me to the airport, for my plane to take off, for me to see my dearest people in the world.Immediately, I started thinking of all the possible gifts I could bring to different people back home.

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Independent Salafi communities are also found in Kiev and Crimea, as well as Shia communities in Kiev, Kharkiv and Luhansk.