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All my info got changed so we started him another account. I called and talked to a gentleman named Adel who was very condescending. When they did answer they told me I got scammed and someone had access to my card info. I didn't get scammed, they just don't want to give me my money back. It was advertised as a multiplayer game but once purchased we learned it wasn't yet.He also would not let me tell him what was going on. When I asked to talk to his boss he told me he was the boss. Customer service sucks and they should be shut down. Son only wanted it because it was a multiplayer game.Punk Buster Update: We’ve now removed Punk Buster from the launcher and it is safe to remove it from your computer.We’ll also remove it from the installer in due time, but for now if you need to install APB Reloaded again you may uninstall Punk Buster afterwards.

For him, he can just re-download them when he plays on Live again.

This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that for LAN play all connected xboxs must have the same versions, so if I want to play a LAN game with my friend, I cannot because his xbox has the most recent update and mine has some old version.

Please tell me there is some relatively simple way of updating it without having to take the HDD apart and connect it to a computer.

This fix may allow modified consoles to return to playing backup discs and other forbidden materials without Microsoft noticing.

Other members of the community are working on strategies to try to undo the changes made by Microsoft, which neuter the banned consoles, depriving them of much of their functionality (though they still will play games offline).

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