Updating th 50px60u

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Updating th 50px60u

Here is the breakdown: TV: Panasonic TH-50PX60U 50" Plasma HDTV I have been using VS for Database Professionals ("Data Dude") since it was in beta.I went though withdraw for about a month after RTM because I was on a Software Developer MSDN account, but don't fret, you can easily switch between MSDN versions (at least around the time of renewal).Back then, our company was called Telenational Communications, a small Mom and Pop local franchise that was eventually bought out by Time Warner Cable in 1989.At that time, the boxes were very clunky and people that had the remote control said that it was really crappy. )I have been a boxing fan and consultant for about forty years, and I remember that many people in our city were waiting for Pay Per View to come to the system.The shear size of the box alone gave me goose bumps.Unboxing this beautiful TV and the adrenaline flowing through my veins mounting this heavy gadget on the wall without damaging it was a cool experience.I now we had Paragon and then and then Century Cable (or was it the other way around? My earliest recollections of cable service, at least in West Allis, I believe we had Jones Intercable, that was I want to say around the mid 80s.) and then I guess Time Warner took over the cluster at some point in the mid 1990's? We had Paragon there to for a time, there were a couple others as well, but I can't recall their names..

I have however quickly learned that being a homeowner is expensive.

I am returning my HDMI cable tomorrow and exchanging it. This connects to the VR325 through the component audio hookups.

I verified by plugging and unplugging the audio cables that indeed it was feeding the audio to the Panasonic. The next test was obvious, I connected the analog audio cables to my old TV and switched the plasma back to digitial audio.

I just got a TH-37px50u but I am having the problem with my comcast DVR HD reciever.

Sometimes every 2 mins or so, sometimes it will go like 20 mins and then do it. With the plasma, you can force it to use the analog audio source with HDMI rather than the digital audio carried on the HDMI cable.

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