Who is bridget dating girls next door Sext flirt mature

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Who is bridget dating girls next door

TVGuide.com: You've all visited Hef's wax-museum likeness at Madame Tussauds.... What was your contribution to that motion-picture franchise? I just made it more fun and girly, so when girls come try out for Playmate, they get a cute place to stay. More escapades, misadventures, places, events and/or body parts we haven't seen yet? We start off with Hef's 80th birthday, which is this huge bash, and we end with Kendra's 21st birthday in Vegas!

Tell me who, and I'll take a tire iron to her dressing room vanity.

Bridget Christina Marquardt is best known for being one of the three Playboy bunnies on the E!

reality show, “The Girls Next Door”ーa series which focused on the lives of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends at the extravagant Playboy Mansion.

After starting a relationship with the Playboy CEO in 2002, the blonde was invited to move into the mansion as one of Hefner’s many girlfriends; she eventually stayed at Hefner’s residence for seven years alongside “The Girls Next Door” co-stars, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson.

However in 2009, Marquardt broke up with Hefner and moved out of the mansion, being the last out of the three original Playboy models, to do so. reality series, the former play bunny has also been featured on various television shows such as the “Celebrity Paranormal Project” and the American comedy, “Entourage”.

We get that they're twins, but we were still a little bummed out to hear that Hugh Hefner can't tell two of his three girlfriends apart.

She's currently launching several projects of her own, not to mention getting ready for her favorite holiday: Halloween (she's keeping mum on her costume for now! Recently, I had the chance to catch up with her in the midst of her promoting Durex's new "Get A Room" campaign.

She was super chatty and definitely willing to share a little love insight:.

Since last year's ménage-à-quatre Insider Q&A was such a pleasure, rested up for an encore with the towheaded triad, in which they tease the episodes ahead, the Season 1 DVD's "unrated extras," and more. Bridget: I don't think I learned a lesson from the show itself, but I learned lessons from people who e-mailed me after the fact. Somebody on the Internet will be like, "Bridget wears Kanga ROOS [shoes], but I also saw her in Champions once." Or, people were reading my diplomas off the wall and e-mailing to say, "I went to the same school as you! Holly: I know Hef has the DVD, but I haven't seen the movie yet. Holly: I don't get around to watching a lot of TV because Hef and I watch so many movies. Bridget: I wouldn't want it if they offered it to me.

TVGuide.com: Let's start off with each of you finishing this sentence: "If I could delete from existence any one moment from Season 1, it would be...."Holly Madison: Me being a bitch pick any one of those moments! TVGuide.com: Any lessons learned from the first go-round? " People are ]Kendra: I learned to just be myself and I will stay myself. And you have our commentary as we sit and watch every episode and spit out everything we know about doing it, what we think about it, what we hate.... Holly: No, although I have to admit that Bridget and Kendra have better rooms that I do. Kendra and I recently had most of our fakers deleted, but they come back. TVGuide.com: I know the Playboy mansion has movie nights. Holly: I heard [Playmate-turned-soap star] Kelly Monaco is up for it. TVGuide.com: Holly, how dicey a proposition was it to redecorate the guest house during Season 1?

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The trip turned into a three-day stay, and made Bridget decide she needed to move for good... A few months later, she was invited to stay at Hef's place, where she would spend the next seven and a half years, eventually rising into the spotlight as one of Hef's main ladies on . After her relationship with Hef ended, Bridget found love with director Nicholas Carpenter, whom she met, interestingly enough, at the mansion.

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